In 1947, Hamilton Field became Hamilton Air Force Base. The base, with all the servicemen and their families, was the major influence in the development of rural northern Marin County into Novato and surrounding communities.

In 1954, in order to provide financial services for the military personnel and employees at Hamilton Air Force Base, Hamilton Federal Credit Union (HFCU) was established. Its initial field of membership included anyone working or living on the base.

Hamilton F.C.U. provides personalized service to our credit union members located all over the world. All our members enjoy a full array of financial services. Many of our members have been members for years and are on a first name basis with the H.F.C.U. staff. Hamilton F.C.U. is an excellent example of the type of a simple, personal sevice business that so may businesses try to imitate. We provide the same level of service to all its members; those with high income as well as those with less; older members as well as younger people just starting out. It is because of this kind of service that keeps our members extremely loyal.

It is, and has always been our goal to provide the highest quality of services possible to our members. And remember, once a member, you're always a member.